Less is more.

Your handmade furniture is finished with a high grade & eco friendly hard wax-oil making it extremely tough and durable. If treated well, it won't ever need refinishing. 

Your furniture will be touch dry on delivery but it takes a couple weeks to fully 'cure' - extra care should be taken within this two week period.

For daily maintenance wipe with a damp lint-free cotton cloth. Do not use regular household sprays, especially those containing silicone. 

For optimal results surfaces should be treated with OSMO SPRAY CLEANER which can be purchased here.

As is the nature of wood, especially old and well used wood that will have spent time out of doors; these pieces will take time to settle into their new home environment - they will move and twist and bow a little. I recommend that you position away from direct heat - such as radiators - and keep out of direct sunlight. Sun can bleach the timber and can dry it out too quickly which may cause cracks.

If you have any questions about the continued care of your items, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Keep the wick trimmed to around 5mm.

To prevent 'tunnelling', always burn your candle long enough for the wax to melt to the edge of the jar - this will take around 3-4 hours on the first burn.

The high percentage of oil (10%) may cause discolouration and air bubbles, especially with surrounding temperature changes. This won't affect the scent or burn time of your candle.

For safety, never leave your lit candle unattended.

Burn on a flat and protected surface.

If you experience any problems with your candle please don't hesitate to contact us.