unique home interiors and furniture Manchester
unique home interiors and furniture Manchester


Old Man & Magpie is a small family run business consisting of Garry, Jemma and their 5 year old daughter Esme (aka MAGPIE).

They hand-make beautifully simple reclaimed wood furniture and wonderfully fragranced natural soy wax candles from a characterful workshop on the banks of the Leeds / Liverpool canal right in the heart of Lancashire.




Old Man & Magpie was born at the same time as our first child.

Garry was a freelance sound engineer, working various venues in and around Manchester. The late and long nights were not quite fitting in with their new parental responsibilities and he was looking for a slower, calmer life.

When Jemma re started her career as a clothing designer (after 12 months of maternity leave) Garry decided to quit his job and focus on raising their daughter.

After 6 months of frugality they needed to come up with a way of making a little extra money to pay for the simple things.

Garry had spent a short time as a joiner in his early twenties and so decided to utilise those basic skills, as well as the empty and very small (8ft x 8ft) workshop space that was attached to their new home.

He went about creating some simple pieces of wooden furniture using a few timbers that were salvaged from a local demolition site; a toy box, a bookcase and a small TV Table for their home.

Things went well for a good number of months and he eventually moved out of the garden workspace and into a slightly bigger workshop that was rented from friends.

In 2018 the business moved out of that garage workspace and into a magnificent 2000ft dedicated workshop space by the Leeds / Liverpool canal.

This, as well as a couple other factors have allowed Jemma to leave her design job and join OM&M on a full-time basis.

Jemma has since started off-shoot to our business - Old Man & Magpie Candle Co. She makes all of our small batch and lovingly hand-poured natural soy wax candles and manages the weekly pop-up events.

This beautifully curated range of candles has enhanced the business and brand.



Our simple handmade furniture contains ethically sourced timbers that we salvage from local building demolitions, as well as recycled scaffolding planks.

We hand-pick the materials with the most interesting characteristics to use within your bespoke furniture.

Each order is built exclusively by us - from cutting, cleaning, sanding and finishing, to inserting every screw and bolt.

Your item will then spend its final week up on our finishing bench where it will get at least two coats of high grade & eco friendly hard wax oil.


We use only 100% pure and natural soy wax and phthalate free essential and fragrance oils, cotton wicks and the most stunning 180ml apothecary style and recyclable amber glass jars.

All of our candles give of their beautiful scent from start to finish and are guaranteed to trigger all kinds of powerful and magical memories.


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